Friday, August 7, 2009

Welcome to the Blogging Community

Welcome to the Intel® Teach Essentials Online Blogging Community! During your training, this Community Blog provides a space for members of our community participants to share reflections and ideas with each other as they relate to the modules presented in the course. Use this blog to to add your reflections and respond to any other educational ideas presented that are of interest to you. As we experiment with this space, think about the potential for collaboration and learning in the classroom.

Each member also has the option to author their own blog, if they choose. Access to individual blogs is located in a pull down menu on the right. Use your individual blog as a space to experiment with authorship.

Happy blogging!


  1. We are leading a fast and busy life, both parents are working, so people go in for ready made food .Problem with people arises, they are unable to differentiate between junk and healthy food. This project targets on eating healthy. Students of Class 4 and 5 role play as health officers and dieticians and take charge of their school’s canteen for a day in a week. Students the come out with a blog sharing their views on eating healthy food. A visit to Mother Dairy highlighting the milk products is also encouraged. They also use Word processing skill to create a healthy food chart for their family.

  2. In this modern era , due to greater facilities of medical technology many communicable diseases have been eradicated from this world. But lakhs of people die due to many communicable diseases. We can protect our self from these diseases by following healthy habits. my project highlights on
    Healthy habits. Students of class4 & 5involve themselves in surveys & prepare their presentation & show & share them on blog.

  3. this course is really very interesting and useful for us.


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